Vibration Sensors
Our product range includes accelerometers with charge and IEPE compatible output.
Vibration Sensors
High Sensitivity

Signal Conditioners
We offer economic charge amplifiers and signal conditioners for IEPE transducers including microphones.

Vibration Meter For predictive maintenance of rotating machinery, Measurement of bearing vibration, Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement, RMS and peak-to-peak, Temperature measurement
" Signal output), Pocket-sized, Comes with accelerometer and clamping magnet
Vibration Calibrators: Rapid and easy calibration of vibration measuring systems, Measurement of frequency response, Built-in signal conditioner with transducer sensitivity display, Built-in accumulator for mobile use, Traceable to PTB standard, PC controlled, ASCII command set for external control

For piezoelectric transducers with charge or IEPE output
5 gain ranges
6 low pass filters, high pass
Single and double integration
M68D1 with battery inside
M68D3 with 3 channels
M68R1 for 19" rack mounting
Rack cases for 6 or 12 M68R1 available
Charge attenuators MQ20 / MQ40 available as accessory for high inputs

Human Vibration
Triaxial Human Vibration Meter
Data Acquisition System
  • Vibration measurement and diagnosis at rotating machinery
  • Balancing of rotating parts
  • Building vibration measurement
  • Human vibration measurement
  • Production quality control
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Mobile measurements with notebook PC
Machines Monitoring System